About Us

Based on an original song writing collaboration between vocalist Perri Alleyne-Hughes and guitarist Neil Campbell, Perri and Neil create a very personal music of sensitivity, atmosphere and poise. Their quartet consists of Roger Gardiner (bass) and Viktor Nordberg (drums). The four musicians between them bring together an array of influences which include jazz, folk, progressive rock, free improvisation, classical music, singer songwriter music and R ‘n’ B. Their aim is to write and perform music which touches the hearts of their listeners.

Perri Alleyne-Hughes is the Musical Director for Sense of Sound Singers leading the choir in collaborations with artists as diverse as Damon Albarn and Paco Pena, and through major competitions on BBC TV and radio. As a vocalist she is perhaps best known for her renditions of Abide With Me’ and ‘Ave Maria’ featured in the classic British horror action movie ’28 Days Later’.

Neil Campbell is a Liverpool based composer and classical guitarist. After privately releasing around eight albums of original music for solo guitar, guitar and cello, his band The Neil Campbell Collective (NCC) and others, his most recent work has focused upon large scale music performance projects, including ‘Ghost Stories: A Night Opera’, ‘Neil Campbell’s Frankenstein’, with the NCC and Sense of Sound Singers, and ‘Inventioning’, a new collaborative composition with Jon Anderson from Yes which also involves Sense of Sound Singers. He is part of the experimental/electronic/progressive band Bulbs. You can find out more about Neil at his web site www.neilcampbell.org.uk

Roger Gardiner is an amazingly versatile bass player who joined the Perri and Neil Quartet in November

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2012. He was heavily influenced by jazz bass players such as Jack Cassidy from a very early age. He has been playing in rock bands since the 1970’s and his talent is extraordinary. In the early 80’s he was part of the anarcho-punk scene, playing in bands such as Spyin’ for Brian and more recently he played for The Dead Poppies who specialised in psychedelic progressive rock and produced two albums to some acclaim. Roger also currently plays in the group, Gallimauphrey who combine flavours of classical, folk and jazz in their music.

Viktor Nordberg was raised on the west coast of Norway on an island called Karmøy in Rogaland. He started playing percussion at the age of nine when he played timpani in his school brass band. Initially inspired to take up the drums by the energy of rock and metal, his musical horizons now stretch to jazz, free improvisation and noise music (together with noise guitarist Bjørn Ognøy he formed the duo And the Earth Shall Bear Again). You can find out more about Viktor at his web site viktornordberg.com