Perri and Neil Then Cover

Perri and Neil

Beyond Words 4:30
Both of You 3:44
Sunday Song 4:51
Clouds 7:00
Walking with the Sun 2:49
Dream of You and I 3:45
Surround Me 8:36
Like Music 3:10
Then 4:03
Shadowlands 2:13

Perri Alleyne-Hughes – vocals
Neil Campbell – guitars and assorted instruments
Jennifer John – harmony vocals on track 7
Ogo Nzeakor, Jennifer John, Kaya Herstad Carney & Sarah Noufal – harmony vocals on track 9
Philipp Moll – bass on tracks 1, 3 and 9
Joey Zeb – drums on tracks 1, 3 and 9
Paul Riley – bass on tracks 2 and 5
Colin Lamont – drums on tracks 2 and 5

Produced by Perri Alleyne-Hughes, Neil Campbell and Andrea Wright
Engineered by Andrea Wright at Parr Street, Liverpool and at Aeriel Studios, Wrexham
Mastered by Pete Maher at Top Floor Music

Photography by Joanne Roberts
Design by Darren Mann

C + P 2012 Perri Alleyne-Hughes and Neil Campbell

‘Then’ is available from Bandcamp, from Probe Records (School Lane, Liverpool City Centre) and News from Nowhere (Bold Street, Liverpool City Centre). It is also available for download at CD Baby and through I-Tunes.